Thursday, July 7, 2011


Blueberries are one of the BEST fruits; they are high in fiber and anti-oxidants.  Being a colon cancer survivor, I think that's really important for my diet.  I have a long-time friend from my childhood who has had blueberry bushes for over 25 years....and they are plentiful.  Last summer she told me to come get all I wanted, and the other day, she invited me back.  This is from that first picking, as I plan to go back 2 more times this month to get enough for my freezer to last a year.

That's a 5 gallon bucket almost full, though it doesn't look like it here.  Do NOT wash the blueberries before freezing them.  I learned years ago that makes them mushy.  I simply bag them up straight from the garden and wait to wash them as I take them out to use them.