Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime Pantry Challenge(Week 3)

I am joining in the Summertime Pantry Challenge hosted by Jessica.  Last week I got busy and didn't get around to putting out our menu.  You should know that it's only my 17 year-old son and me, so our food can be stretched pretty far.  Another thing you should know is that I am on Weight Watchers, so sometimes I *do* fix 2 meals, one for me and one for him, or a variation for each.

I had plenty of meat, rice, potatoes, and veggies on hand, but I am not staving off grocery shopping entirely.  I shop at Publix, and they have certain deals that come around every 4-6 weeks.  I had some too-good-to-pass-up coupons that matched some deals this week, so I *did* stock up.  You can see those here.

So, last week we ate these items from the freezer:  flounder, chicken, Boca crumbles in spaghetti (which son did not know), steamed veggie bags, and for son's lunches and snacks:  hot dogs and lunchmeat.  From the pantry we had:  packaged rice, jarred spaghetti sauce, and potatoes made a variety of ways.

This week's menu:
Monday:  Breakfast:  cereal and blueberries for me/son does not eat breakfast in the summer
                Lunch:  hot dogs or lunchmeat for the son/canned chicken to make chicken salad and Ritz
                Dinner:  chicken in the crockpot with Lipton onion soup mix

Tuesday:  Breakfast:  same for me
               Lunch:  fruit smoothie made with frozen strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries with Greek yogurt
                           in the fridge
              Dinner:  spaghetti with jarred sauce in pantry

Wednesday:  Breakfast:  none for me....liquid diet today in preparation for outpatient surgery Thursday
                    Lunch:  son:  hot dogs or lunch meat
                    Dinner:  son:  fish and chips

Thursday:  Breakfast:  none due to outpatient surgery
                 Lunch:  out somewhere
                 Dinner:  hamburgers and homemade fries

Friday:  Breakfast:  cereal and blue berries for me
             Lunch:  hot dogs or lunchmeat for son/chicken salad and crackers for  me
             Dinner:  chicken, rice or potaotes, veggie

That's as far as I've gotten for the week; I will re-assess later and plan the weekend.