Monday, July 18, 2011

Cats on Tuesday

For more cat stories by cataholics like me, go to Gattina's.  On an episode of "Animal Planet" they talked about how there are two types of cats:  tree huggers and bush stalkers.  Tree huggers are climbers; bush stalkers tend to stick close to the ground.

Below:  Humpty Dumpty is an obvious Tree Hugger (at times)  He spends much of his day asleep on *my* (his) bed, but he does survey his kingdom some, as below.  This is the ledge above the cabinet ABOVE the refrigerator.

same ledge, different angle---Tree Hugger---Below:  Tree Huggers Humpty and Snowflake

Below:  Miles and Thumper are both Bush Stalkers---They *rarely* climb at all, but stick close to the ground.
Below:  Lovey is a Bush Stalker, even though he does climb on the bed.  He looks at the Tree Huggers in a puzzled way when he sees them climb because he doesn't know how! (or perhaps doesn't understand *why* they do it)

Below:  Both of my girls, Snowflake and Minnie, are Tree Climbers.
So, to sum up, I have 3 Tree Climbers and 3 Bush Stalkers.  Can you see that your cat(s) are one or the other?