Monday, November 30, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

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Below:  Look at my sweet, beautiful princess.  Who would believe she would be a vandal and a thief?
This cat food had not been placed down more than 5 minutes before she struck.  I turned my back, and she promptly tore a hole in the bottom.

Well, since the hole was there, she just "HAD" to partake of the food.  After I moved the food, her sissy Minnie even got in on what was left below.

Here they are chillin' on the couch, a favorite pasttime of theirs.

That Lovey is a water FREAK!!!!

Isn't he GORGEOUS?!

The new cats Humpty Dumpty and Thumper are having some issues adjusting.  Seems Miles has been throwing his weight around (pun intended) being a bully.  Humpty is doing well, but Thumper is still very skiddish and hides a lot under my bed; thus, no new pictures of them this week.