Saturday, November 28, 2009

Free and Nearly Free at Walgreens

I don't "do" Black Friday here in the U.S.  For international readers, it's a ridiculously dangerous shopping day where retailers slash prices drastically for the Christmas season.  Above is what I got at Walgreens on Thanksgiving.  Before coupons the total was just over $25.  After coupons, it came down to $15.72.  Each item produced a register reward for the full price (except the vaseline lotion), so out of pocket I spent $15.72 and got back $19.50 in register rewards to use as I wish in the future.

Above are Ritz crackers on sale this week for 5 for $10.  I had 2 $1 off coupons, so I paid just over $8.  Then, it printed a $3 register reward at the checkout.'s like getting them for $1 a box.  I love deals like this where I can stock up.  These will be great with chili.

On to CVS:

I went to CVS at 4pm Friday.  I was shocked they had all the free after ECB deals I wanted:
  1. Degree Ultra Clear:  3.99 printed $4 ECB
  2. Phillips Remote:  6.99 printed $6.99 ECB
  3. King size Snickers:  1.59 printed $1.59 ECB
  4. Vaseline Infusion Lotion 7.99 printed $7.99 ECB
  5. St. Ives Bodywash: 3.99 printed $3.00 ECB
  6. Philips In-ear Headphones:  6.99 printed $6.99 ECB  
  8. I got  back over $30 in ECBS, so this was a lucrative trip!