Saturday, November 14, 2009

HOT Publix Deals (Revised)

This is what I'm talking about:  $51.12 worth of groceries for $19.67!  I love when Publix has super Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals that I have high value coupons for.  Breakdown: 

  • 2 bags of Pillsbury bread flour:  1.49 each

  • 1 bag of Pillsbury self-rising flour:  1.49

  • 4 bags of Green Giant Steamer Veggies:  Buy 1 Get 1 Free (I used 3 coupons as well)

  • 2 Betty Crocker frostings at B1G1F (with 2 coupons as well)

  • 2 boxes of Ghiradelli brownie mix B1G1F (and 2 coupons)

  • 2 boxes whole wheat pasta B1G1F (plus 2 coupons)

  • 2 boxes Betty Crocker cake mix B1G1F

  • 2 Glade candles B1G1F (plus coupon)

  • 2 Smart Balance margarine B1G1F (plus coupon)

  • 1 Reynolds wrap (no deal)

The only items I did not have a coupon for and that weren't B1G1F were the foil and the flour.

On Monday I went back to Publix to snag some more B1G1F goodies with my coupons.  Here is what I got:

I spent $19.50 and saved $19.71!  I got:
2 packages of pasta
2 tubs of frosting
2 boxes of muffin mix
2 Steamers veggies
2 bags of Ore Ida potatoes
1 box of Truvia sweetener
2 candles
1 bag of tortilla chips

So, in two trips I got $90.33 worth of groceries for $39.17!