Monday, January 4, 2010

Cats on Tues

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This week I had to take Thumper and Humpty Dumpty to the vet; both are suffering from upper respiratory infections and are on medication.  Humpty is worse off than Thumper.  At least Thumper still has a healthy appetite.

Update on Humpty Dumpty:  He is doing MUCH better!  After two days in bed with an anti-biotic twice a day,he is up and about and eating well!!

Ok...I got carried away before Christmas and bought Buddy the dog this Christmas collar.  After Christmas, I found a kitty one for only $1.25.  The girls did not like it, but Lovey is game.  Here, twins!

Below, Minnie learns that she likes spaghetti, even if it is meant for the DOG.

I don't give my cats milk, but Matthew suggested we try them the other day.  Miles is the only one who liked it; I should have known because he eats anything.

Below, Miles and Snowflake share the spare room window.  They are looking out into the front yard to see what's going on.  (Mine are strictly INDOOR cats.)

Lovey shows just how small he can make himself to fit this box.

For some odd reason, maybe it's the new bedspread, but the cats are taking turns on my son's bed.  Keep in mind, he does not like cats.  He is insanely jealous of them.  Below, Thumper

And here, Buddy joins Snowflake in trying to wake him up.