Monday, January 18, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

For more cat pics, head over to Gattina's.

I wash my sheets and comforter once a week.  It is hard to find a time when at least one of the babies isn't on the bed.  Well, they don't like sleeping on the rough mattress.  Here I pulled the electric blanket back, but Miles and Humpty still claimed it.  Miles has no problem with Humpty; it's Thumper that he feels threatens his manhood.

At the same time, Lovey was at the head of the bed.

Wow!  It is rare I can capture this many, 5 of my 6, together.  The only one missing is Princess Snowflake.  I love this picture.  At the left are THUMPER in the back and LOVEY and MINNIE in the front.  MILES and HUMPTY are to the right.

Sweet Lovey is in the son's laundry basket below, with his hand over his eyes.

I took this as I was drinking my morning coffee in bed.  Minnie is in the background, Snowflake to the right, and Humpty at my feet, where he sleeps at night.

Mr. Lovey---This is rare as he does not often get on my bed to sleep.

Below:  Thumper showing how long he is.

My boy on the back of the couch