Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge: Halfway Point

This month we have only spent $29.00 at Publix and Walgreens on groceries.  I have had to buy pet food, but I am strictly counting people food.  That's pretty darn good!  I have found myself  GREATLY tempted to order from here because they have the BEST tilapia and chicken breasts.  But, I have ignored all their email sale notices. I want to deplete the meat I have before buying any more.  This is a personal challenge for me.
If you go here you'll see why I have bought so little this month.

Here's the menu for this week:

January 18:  Panko encrusted chicken tenders , Betty Crocker potatoes, veggie
January 19:  Chili over rice
January 20:  Spaghetti and salad
January 21:  Hamburger steak with herb/olive oil potatoes, veggie
January 22:  Sushi out
January 23:  Turkey tetrazzinni

Snacks: popcorn, leftover homemade pizza I froze, chocolate milk.
Since it is just my 15 year-old son and me, we nearly always have leftovers.  These leftovers are either eaten another night, or he eats them as a snack after school